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We are an acoustic trio comprised of 2 guitarists and a female vocalist.  We focus on tight vocal harmonies and put our own spin on a range of well-known songs.

Together we bring years of experience, playing in multiple groups around the Northwest.

We takes inspiration from many different musical genres; classic rock, great singer/songwriters, country, pop, and even metal.  Although many well-known songs are included in our repertoire, we also like to wander “outside the lines” by switching genres or adding a new spin to make a song unique.  An acoustic ballad version of a popular metal song?  Bluegrass version of a modern pop song?  We are here to provide a fun mix that will entertain any audience.



Jason – (guitar / vocals)

Jason has been writing, performing, recording and producing for over 10 years.  He has performed in several local groups, on guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals, with styles ranging from metal to indie.  His unique perspective and interpretation help shape the sound and arrangements for the group.


Colette – (vocals)

Colette has been an avid vocalist for many years, fronting rock, county and acoustic groups.  She’s “a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll”, bringing a vocal style to the group that is always fun and entertaining.


Michael - (guitar / vocals)

Michael has extensive experience performing in a number of cover bands as guitarist and lead vocalist.  Genres have ranged from blues to classic rock to funk to acoustic ballads.  He began his musical career on the east coast before moving to the northwest and joining the local music community.

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